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Operating out of Horley for over 40 years now, Smallfield Garage Ltd has cemented itself as the go-to stop for everything from essential car repairs, to maintenance procedures like car servicing, and getting all your paperwork in order – for example, via MOT testing. Our friendly team of mechanics are always willing to answer any questions you might have, or to provide expert automotive advice – perhaps regarding the need for brake repairs / clutch repairs, or on the intricacies of vehicle air conditioning repairs.

But to provide a quick-look resource that you can check while browsing our website, should you feel compelled, we’ve looked to answer some of the most common queries we get regarding car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing below. Obviously, this means they’re fairly general! So if you have a more specific inquiry, call our Horley garage at your earliest convenience on 01342 842 996.

The Smallfield FAQ

Why should I invest in regular car servicing?
Core benefits associated with regular car servicing include reduced expenditure at Horley forecourts, due to improved fuel efficiency. You’re also less likely to suffer an accident due to mechanical failure, or breakdown and require car repairs. Other benefits include maintained value, should you eventually come to sell up or trade in, and a smoother, more responsive driving experience. Add all this up, and it’s easy to see how car servicing offers amazing bang for your buck.

What types of car repairs do you provide Horley motorists?
Almost any issue that you could possibly suffer, including:

  • Brake Repairs
  • Clutch Repairs
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Vehicle Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Bodywork Repairs
  • General Welding

What should I do if I fail MOT testing?
We’ll present you a detailed breakdown of any faults, and recommend how to rectify them. You then have the option of seeking a second opinion, or getting a quote on the work – which we guarantee will be competitive. If we handle the repairs ourselves, we can provide a second round of MOT testing, for free, to ensure the issues are dealt with. Then you’ll get your certification!

Why might I require brake repairs or clutch repairs?
Some common brake repairs that we carry out for Horley motorists include amending uneven rotors and general overheating. Symptoms that can signal the need for brake repairs include spongy and soft brake pedals, strange noises emerging when applying or releasing the brakes, a vibration or wobbling sensation when braking, a burning smell or leaking brake fluid.

In regards to clutch repairs, it’s not uncommon for our Horley garage to encounter slipping clutches, often caused by wear and tear, riding the clutch over extended periods, and even oil contamination. Clutch repairs are essential when encountering sticking, slipping and biting point issues.

When do I know it’s time for vehicle air conditioning repairs?
Simply put, if your vehicle air conditioning system is failing to keep the interior of your vehicle properly temperature regulated (cool in the heat, warm in the cold). But a noisy system, or a system emitting a nasty smell are also good signs you should visit our Horley garage for specialist vehicle air conditioning repairs.

Have a different query for the team at our Horley garage? Call 01342 842 996, whether it regards car repairs, car servicing, MOT testing, or something entirely different!